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Teeth Whitening in Oakville

It’s tough to have a perfect smile nowadays. Age, damage, wear and tear, food and drink, smoking, and genetics can all take their toll, leaving us with dingy or stained teeth, or a smile that just doesn’t look its brightest anymore. Luckily, although it’s hard to come by one naturally, we’ve got lots of choices for people who want to take matters into their own hands. Get the perfect, dazzling smile you’ve always wanted!

There are lots of options out there, but at Kingsway Family Dental, we use the ZOOM system, as it’s quicker, easier, and more convenient. Take-home trays can be messy, uncomfortable, and difficult to use. With ZOOM, the whitening process takes place right in the office, so we’re there to monitor your progress and make certain we get the most out of the procedure. It all starts with custom rubber trays made from molds of your teeth, filled with the special whitening gel. The gel is activated by a light unit. Then you sit back and relax while the light does the work. A typical visit usually takes ninety minutes, and at the end, you’ve got instant results!

If you’re considering teeth whitening, let us know at your next visit so we can decide if ZOOM is right for you. You could have the bright smile of your dreams in just a few short visits.

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