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Our Technology

Dentist using technology

Investing in modern technology is another way we show our commitment to our patients. We want the best for you, and delivering quick and accurate diagnoses is central to that idea. By keeping up with the latest in dental advances, we give you the most convenient and detailed imaging options available to dentists today.

Intraoral cameras

These amazing cameras are only the size of a pen, but they deliver a big impact with their zoom and image capacities. With no discomfort to you, we can aim the cameras in every nook and cranny of your mouth, getting a detailed view of your teeth, gums, and tissues with quick and high-quality digital images.

Digital X-rays

No more bite-wings! Digital x-rays aren’t only the most detailed and accurate x-rays available, they’re much better for the patient as their rapid and convenient procedure means no more sitting in the chair trying to hold the x-ray film and cardboard in your mouth at just the right angle. Instead, a small sensor takes all those images, which are then immediately sent to the computer for viewing. And the best part is they use over 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays!

Panoramic X-rays

Before panoramic x-rays came along, we’d have to take a series of pictures of your mouth in order to get a larger picture. Now, we can get a picture of the entirety of your mouth in just one shot, with the panoramic x-ray. These x-rays are invaluable for diagnosis and treatment, and are so quick and convenient, you’ll be amazed at the experience!

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