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Oral Hygiene & Cleaning in Oakville

Oral Hygiene & Cleaning in Oakville

If you wanted the perfect example of how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, just take a look at the dentist’s chair.

Those yearly visits don’t just make your teeth look their best and check for cavities. We’re actually doing a lot more at those visits, and it all falls under the category of preventative dentistry, the single most important weapon in your fight for a lifetime of oral health and overall wellness.

Preventative dentistry procedures, such as cleaning, scaling, polishing, fluoride, x-rays, and examinations, stop problems before they start and identify issues before they develop. Cleaning and scaling removes plaque and tartar from teeth so infection, decay, and inflammation don’t have a chance to develop. Polishing doesn’t just make your teeth look good; it also provides a smooth surface to make it more difficult for plaque to develop. Fluoride strengthens the teeth from the inside out, and proper brushing and flossing education gives you the tools to continue all that good work at home between visits.

So don’t skip those yearly visits! Oral hygiene and cleaning, as well as the rest of our preventative dentistry services, give you a healthy smile and the cornerstone of a healthy you - for a lifetime!

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