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Mouth Guards & Appliances in Oakville

Mouth Guards & Appliances in Oakville

Thinking ahead is always the smart thing to do, and when it comes to protecting your mouth from injury and damage, that’s especially true. While some of us can go a lifetime without a major mouth injury, others are more susceptible, whether it’s from lifestyle or other sources.

If you play contact sports, such as football, rugby, boxing, or hockey, you may be at risk to damage your mouth and jaw. These sports, as well as other activities, can result in accidental damage, along with a lot of pain and expense. And grinding your teeth, especially at night (bruxism), can likewise cause stress fractures, cracks, damage, and pain and soreness.

Made from flexible plastic and custom fitted to your mouth, sports guards and bite appliances act in the same way, by absorbing the force of the injury or bruxism pressure and preventing it from harming the mouth and jaw. Comfortable and effective, a sports guard or bite appliance is a smart investment.

If you’re active in sports or grind your teeth, ask us about sports guards and bite appliances, and take an important step in avoiding oral injuries.

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