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Endodontics in Oakville

Modern root canals aren’t anything to be nervous about! Advances in technique and technology have made this once-feared procedure a cinch, with no more discomfort than a regular filling. That’s because endodontics, or root canal therapy, is easier and more straightforward than ever, making it an essential tool in oral health care.

Inside the tooth, the tissue and nerves that make up the core are known as the pulp. When a cavity extends into the pulp, or damage allows bacteria to get inside it, the resulting infection can lead to more serious issues. A root canal, also known as endodontic procedure, removes the affected tissues, sanitizes the space, and fills it. This preserves the tooth and sometimes also requires a crown in order to complete the process.

Infected pulp can be very painful and lead to tooth loss, so don’t hesitate if you think there might be an issue with one of your teeth. Kingsway Family Dental can provide you with the compassionate, effective endodontic care that you need.

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