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Dental Restorations in Oakville

Dental restorations are a common procedure in any dental office; after all, most of us have needed a filling or two at times. Restorations can go even further, though, with procedures that both repair teeth for proper function and help them look their best. Our modern restoration options combine efficient and effective methods with excellent results - just what you need to keep smiling!


Fillings repair cracks, cavities, and other minor damage in teeth by using a drill to remove any damage before filling in with metal or composite resin. A versatile and straightforward procedure, fillings are better than ever with modern techniques that are quick and practically painless.


Designed to fit over a tooth like a cap in order to protect and restore it, a crown is made of porcelain, ceramic, or porcelain fused to metal. They are normally used after a root canal or to bolster damaged teeth.


Inlays perform the same function as a crown, but with a more highly-adapted surface, molded to fit within all the contours of your tooth instead of covering them. Inlays are custom-made for each patient and are particularly useful for preventing further damage and decay due to their specialized coverage.


An extension of inlays, onlays extend beyond the contours of the tooth’s interior and go down over the sides of the tooth, right down to the gumline if necessary. Onlays are a terrific choice for teeth that are not damaged enough for a crown but still require extensive protection and restoration.


For patients with missing teeth, bridges are used to span the resulting gaps with artificial replacement teeth, anchored on both sides to healthy teeth just as a real bridge extends between two points. Bridges not only complete your smile, they help you talk and eat normally - and you look great doing it!

Kingsway Family Dental has dental restoration options to suit any issue. When you trust us with your smile, it’s always the right choice!

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