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Dental Implants in Oakville

There are many reasons people lose their permanent teeth, including injury, disease, genetic issues, illness, and age. But even though there are so many different causes, all patients with tooth loss have one thing in common: the need to replace their missing teeth, so they can talk, eat, and smile just like they used to.

Dental implants are the most advanced form of teeth replacement, offering natural-looking and feeling artificial teeth that are permanently affixed in your mouth. They look, feel, and act just like real teeth - the apex of modern dental technology.

We start with a titanium rod, surgically implanted into the jawbone in order to act as the “root” of the new tooth. Once the jaw and gums heal from that procedure, the artificial tooth is mounted onto the rod, and you’ve got a new tooth! You even brush and floss them like real teeth. No one will know the difference but you. Whether you have just one tooth to replace or several, dental implants give you flexibility, attractive form, and excellent function.

Are dental implants right for you? Let’s talk about it at your next visit!

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